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A Facebook group taking Howden by storm!

A group has been set up, through Facebook, where women can meet up, have a chat and make new friends. The group aims to be a place where women can discuss their ideas and thoughts on a variety of issues as well as regularly meet up to do something exciting.

Set up by Georgette Jarvis, the idea came from Georgette wanting to make friends after moving to Howden from the South of England.

Our Goole chatted to Georgette to find out more about the group. She told us: “I found that when I first moved here I was meeting new people, but I wasn’t making friends with whom I could spend my free time with.

“So I put a post on the Facebook page ‘Howden Community Board’ and asked if any other like-minded women would be interested in going out and making new friends. I expected a few replies but was amazed as more and more ladies joined in.”

This was when ‘Howden Ladies’ was formed, and since its launch on January 11th, the group has 178 members and is still growing.

who would love to make new friends and build a community spirit. We have a diverse selection of women from all walks of life, but we all have something in common in that we all feel a little lonely and isolated sometimes.

“We may not all be into the same things, but someone will share your passions and interests and be able to offer support and mutual friendship. So, if you would like to branch out and try something new – be it for chats, friendly support, cake, crafts, advice, coffee and cake, exercise, singing, days out and cake – join the group.”

The Facebook group is used to swap ideas and reach out to people with various other issues.

Events such as walks, cinema trips and drinks are organised through the group with the social events growing in size.

Georgette added: “I hope that the group will give us a chance to make changes to our lives and feel more like we are part of the community, improve our mental health and empower each other.

“The idea is to get out of the house, make new friends and experience new things together. Howden Ladies, although a group, is not constrained to a weekly meeting where activities are all planned and agendas are set. It is inclusive; however, people are free to arrange their own events without having to involve absolutely everyone.

It is more about companionship and widening the social circle of women who want to go out for a coffee, a walk or a night out but don’t necessarily have someone to go with.

“Recently the ladies met up at the Masonic Hall on Selby Road, Howden, just three days after the group was formed and the turnout was great”.

So if you like the sound of this group and want to make new friends, find ‘Howden Ladies’ on Facebook where there are several like-minded ladies like yourself ready to start a new adventure!

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