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My account – Click. Tap. Done.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is continuing to rollout a new online account system for residents to interact with the council quickly and easily.

The ‘My account’ function means that residents only have to provide their details to the council once and can then request services online, such as a new wheelie bin or reporting a pothole and then check the progress of the request.

Services currently available through My account, include waste collection services, reporting defects on the highway and streetlight issues, as well as public protection services including pest control, registering food establishments and reporting pollution

Further services are soon to be added, including planning services and applications for blue badges.

How My account helps residents:

  • the council website uses the new My account to give access to a  range of  online forms
  • if residents choose to create an account there is no need to re-enter personal details each time a form is completed
  • where possible, the council will ask for all of the information it needs up front – rather than having to contact the resident again
  • instructions are sent automatically to services, helping them deal with requests more quickly
  • a summary of any contact made with the council can be seen in the account
  • residents can get updates on many requests.

How My account helps the council:

  • all information is dealt with centrally in one system, which improves the way the council deals with a request
  • information is sent directly to the appropriate department to reduce the double handling of reports/requests
  • My account reduces phone calls or visits, as most communication can be done online
  • all reminders and service updates are automated.

Councillor Jonathan Owen, deputy leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Advances in digital technology are changing the way that many people interact with organisations.

“The council is looking to improve and tailor service delivery for the digital age, enabling those who can use such technology to self-serve, report problems, request services, book events and make payments online. This in turn frees up resources to support those who may require additional service. As well as being quick, convenient and easy-to-use, My account will also help the council reduce costs while continuing to provide the services our residents’ value.”

To register for My account, go to www.eastriding.gov.uk and click on the button in the top right hand corner of the screen. It only takes a few moments to sign up.

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