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Ali’s Angels on track to reach impressive milestone

Local people are raising money for an inspirational woman from Goole who has been diagnosed with incurable brain cancer.

Ali Coulthard, 45, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2009 and was given between 12 and 14 months to live. From that moment, she refused to feel negative and now, seven years on, Ali is still refusing to give up the fight. Following intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Ali decided to throw herself into raising much-needed funds for charity.

She decided to set up Ali’s Angels with her mum and two school friends and together they have raised an incredible £96,500 for Cancer Research UK.
Jeanette Bird, Ali’s school friend and dedicated angel told Our Goole: ‘Our next milestone is £100,000 – that moment will be incredible and highly emotional for us all.’

In September 2016, Ali was admitted to hospital after suffering from unexplained complications. At the time this magazine went to print, Ali had lost the use of her left hand side.

Jeanette told us: ‘At the minute, Ali isn’t able to do basic things on her own. She’s started physiotherapy and, in true Ali style, she’s determined to give it her all, but there is an undeniably tough road ahead of her.’

Although Ali’s Angels are still raising money for Cancer Research, a Go Fund Me page specifically for Ali has been set up by her friends to help her afford the medical, practical and personal support she will need when she returns home from hospital.

Jeannette said: ‘I, along with the rest of Ali’s friends and family, feel that after everything she has done for us and for Cancer Research over the years, it’s time we gave her something back. We’re hoping we’ll raise enough to get her home to her family and to make her life a little bit easier when we do. We see a donation to Ali’s page as an investment really – the sooner we get her home and feeling better, the sooner she will be back out raising money for Cancer Research UK. Those who meet Ali never forget her, so we’re hoping all of those people will support her in her time of need. I will do anything for Ali and I know that everyone involved with her fundraising efforts are so proud to be her angels.’

To donate directly to Ali visit www.gofundme.com/invest-in-ali-2v7yazmc
Donate to Ali’s Angels via Paypal using the email address alis.angels@outlook.com

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