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Amelia’s cause

A local family from Swinefleet are aiming to raise £100,000 to help their daughter with her development after being diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Christopher and Chloe Wright are hoping one day their daughter Amelia will be able to walk independently, but require additional funds to help make this dream a reality.

Amelia is currently receiving fantastic care with the NHS, but not everything that she requires is covered under the costs. Our Goole spoke to Christopher, who was appreciative of the help of the community and explained Amelia’s situation.

“There is a lot that the NHS can do, and at the moment the care that she is receiving is fantastic. Unfortunately not everything is covered under the costs of the NHS. So, we are looking to raise the cash to do as much as we can for her.
“Obviously, there are additional things that Amelia needs, which come with a cost. Early intervention is key, you cannot stress that enough really about how far that can go in helping her.”

Christopher told us how a straightforward pregnancy turned into a very unexpected birth. He said: “My wife, Chloe, had an undetected haemorrhage which in turn caused our daughter to suffer grade 3 HIE asphyxiation meaning no oxygen could reach her brain.

“We have been told as parents not to expect anything – Amelia might never sit, stand or walk on her own. It is our dream to see her achieve this goal no matter how much effort or time this might take.”

At the moment, the couple have raised just over £2,400, and are thankful for any donations made. Chris also told us there are various things going on, all to help Amelia.

“We have recently had a coffee morning down in Howden, and I have agreed to do a half marathon. My wife will be doing a walk in excess of 50 miles, and then we have got someone doing a sky-dive, so there is a lot going on. The overall goal is hopefully to one day get her walking. We are not saying it will be an overnight thing, it may take years and years, but it is all about putting as much effort in as possible.”

Christopher also spoke about his appreciation of the community’s effort to help the cause.

“We have been bowled over by the support we are receiving, we always knew we had a good family and friends’ network but it is also the reach beyond that as well. We are touched by everyone that is wanting to help. The people that we do not know as well, for those to be reaching out and getting involved is something that means a lot to us.”

Speaking via his JustGiving page, Christopher added: “We know the amount we want to achieve is a high goal but we want our little girl to have access to all the private physio, rehabilitation, equipment and potential surgery that she might need to give her the best chance in life.”

If you are keen to help out and donate even the smallest amount, please type in this link www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/our-amazing-amelia and follow the instructions.

There are further details on the JustGiving page, with both Chris and Chloe being thankful for donations.

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