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Body Positive Burlesque

We chat to Sarah Krawciw from Silhouette Fitness about her Burlesque Chair Dance classes – offering a fun and inventive way for the women of Goole to keep fit.

There’s something out there to cater for everyone’s keep-fit requirements these days, but if meditation or martial arts don’t take your fancy, perhaps something a little more risqué might be your thing.

Along with instructor Sarah Krawciw of Silhouette Fitness, Burlesque Chair Dance UK has come to Goole to offer its classes to women in the area.
There are certainly various stigmas attached to burlesque, but Sarah was keen to put these misconceptions to rest when speaking to Our Goole. ‘Most people think we shake our tassels and take off our clothing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We wear normal fitness clothing, and each routine is specially choreographed to work specific body areas. The women meet new people, and we become more of a family than a fitness class.’

Sarah continued: ‘Dance fitness helps with coordination, balance, flexibility and posture, and each routine we teach can easily burn up to 500 calories.’
We think these classes are a fantastic addition to the local community, and in Sarah’s own words, ‘there is nothing more rewarding than seeing women look and feel fabulous!’

If you’d like to give these classes a go, take a look at www.burlesquechairdance.co.uk, or visit Silhouette Fitness on Dunhill Road, where Sarah will be happy to welcome you into their fitness family.

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