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Branding-not just for the bigger businesses

A good brand builds customer confidence-but how can you make sure you do it right? This month, Business Support Specialist Heidi Green gives us her top tips.

Branding is an important part of the marketing function of business. A strong brand differentiates one business from another.

It can symbolise how people think about your business and helps them in their decision making, giving them a perceived knowledge before they buy. Your branding needs to be consistent, and it’s the personality of your business and can therefore attract your perfect client.

Every business already has a brand even if you don’t treat it as one. Your customers, and potential customers, already have a perception of what your business means to them.

Building upon this brand means you can communicate your message more effectively and add real value to your business, which helps you stand out from the crowd.

Ensure the message you want to deliver to customers and potential customers is built into everything they see or hear, even before they engage with you.

If you employ staff, ensure they understand your brand values and that they believe in them. Employee attitude and behaviour can influence the success of your brand more than promotional activity. Every point of contact for your business should reflect your values.

Once the brand is established, you need to make certain it is managed effectively. Keep everyone involved and continually review how your values are communicated. Reviewing your products, services and systems will ensure they are well supported.

Always think about your customers’ needs but make certain your brand isn’t compromised or it could devalue it.  Stick with your brand and be aware of its value.

Be consistent – from emails to stationery and even to how the phone is answered, your clients should always feel you are delivering on the brand promise.  Failure to deliver on your brand values is likely to be damaging, but delivering on brand promises will strengthen it.

Business Support York & North Yorkshire has been delivering quality support and training since 1986. If you want help with any aspect of your business, get in touch on 01904 699590.

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