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Bridge at Rawcliffe Bridge to reopen for cars only on Thursday 29 March

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has confirmed that the bridge across the Dutch River at Rawcliffe Bridge, which has been closed to traffic since October, will reopen to cars only from Thursday 29 March.

The council has been carrying out work to determine what weight of vehicle can safely cross the bridge, and has decided it is now safe to reopen it to cars only, as measures have been put in place for them to use the bridge in a safe manner.

Principal engineer Mike Ball explained: “There is still the need to carry out work on the bridge, with a view to allowing heavier vehicles to cross safely, and this work is continuing.

“However, in order to allow cars to cross, we have carried out works to the bridge deck, to repair the areas that were used to access the inner parts of the bridge where we carried out the testing of the steel strands within it.

“In addition, we have installed appropriate traffic signals, as cars will only be allowed to cross in single file, and with a 20 mph speed limit, in order to minimise the loading on the bridge.  We have also positioned physical constraints on the bridge, to ensure that vehicles wider than cars do not attempt to travel across the bridge, because to do so would endanger road users, as it would be unsafe.”

Mike Ball added: “We would like to thank motorists and road users for their patience during the prolonged closure of the bridge, and we hope that drivers of larger vehicles will understand that the continued restrictions are in place for their safety.”

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