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Business of the month: Selby Self Storage

Meet the two brothers dedicated to providing you with the best storage solutions in the area. Working with family can be a risky move but for Richard and Ross Stewart, proud owners of Selby Self Storage, their success in business is a clear indicator that sometimes teaming up with a family member can pay off.

Richard, when was Selby Self Storage founded?
We set up Selby Self Storage back in 2003. We’d been providing commercial storage for over 15 years but had been receiving more and more enquiries regarding domestic storage. It made sense to take the plunge and expand.

Can you tell us about the services you offer?
Selby Self Storage are proud to offer the best storage solutions – our clean, secure insulated indoor purpose built units vary in size from 15 sq ft to 150 sq ft.  We also offer clean, dry outside container storage. Our containers are bought new so don’t expect leaky old ones that have sailed the seven seas. Our staff will be happy to help and ensure you rent the right space for your needs.
Selby Self Storage also offers open warehouse floor space – this can be used for anything from pallets to theatre sets. We also offer a load-on load-off fork lift service.

What makes you stand out from other businesses offering similar services?
We have invested heavily in a modern insulated storage centre with clean modern rooms including CCTV and a state-of-the-art alarm and entry system. We guarantee you will not find a cleaner, more secure storage solution for miles.

Do you have any interesting facts about Selby Self Storage?
I find the concept of self storage interesting in itself. It came about 6,000 years ago in what is now Xi’an, China. People would place their belongings such as to-do lists etched in turtle shell, bamboo reed flip-flops, collectible spearheads, and family heirloom jewellery – in clay pots and store them in underground pits. Guards monitored the storage areas to ensure no one removed another person’s pot or its contents.

From a business perspective, how do you find the local area?
It’s a great location as the M62, A1 and A19 are so accessible. The fact that Goole, York and Leeds are all so nearby is great too.

What does the future hold for Selby Self Storage?
We have another branch in Scunthorpe, Scunthorpe Self Storage, and are always looking for other possible sites and opportunities in the region. We always have our eyes on expansion.

Lastly, what are the main benefits you find to advertising in our magazines?
We love the fact that we can reach local households and businesses on a regular basis through the magazines.

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