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Dog owners urged to take note of the new microchipping law

With the microchipping law change now in effect dog owners within the area are being warned by the District Council to ensure that their dogs are microchipped, or otherwise face a significant fine.

The law change, which came into effect from 6th April 2016, requires that dog owners nationwide have all dogs over the age of eight weeks microchipped, with those who are found to break the law facing a fine of up to £500. However beyond merely complying with the law there are numerous other reasons that make a clear case for microchipping a dog, including the peace of mind that, should a dog be lost or stolen, they can be reunited with their owner more quickly than if they were microchip free.

Additional benefits include:
•  Puppies being traceable to their breeder – which can ultimately deter would-be puppy farmers;
• Ability to identify, and go on to arrest, those who inflict animal cruelty;
• Vets being able to quickly contact owners where a pet is found and in need of emergency treatment.
• Deterring dog thefts;

If your dog hasn’t as yet been microchipped then you should contact your vet. Whilst costs for this service vary, there is a national network of approved specialist centres who provide this service for free, including  Dogs Trust and the Farming and Rural Affairs Organisation. If you do already have a microchipped dog, but are uncertain as to whether your details are up-to-date, a vet can also scan your dog – this is usually free of charge, as is any subsequent change of details made with the microchipping company.

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