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Eva Grace Nail Lounge nails the nail competition

Three years ago, Paula, 46, from Howden was a mortgage advisor, and never in a million years did she think that three years later she would’ve quit her job, become a full-time nail technician and won two awards in the world’s top nail competition.

Nailympia is one of the most prestigious professional nail competitions in the world. On 30 September and 1 October, Paula travelled to London with a team of nail technicians to enter the competition.

Paula told Our Goole: “Twenty one of us decided to enter the competition and be mentored by nail artist Sam Biddle. I cannot thank Sam enough for everything she’s done for me!”

After months of sketching ideas, Paula had her nail art creations ready for the international competition.

“I didn’t have any expectations, I was just thrilled to be at the event. People from all over the world had travelled to be here and everyone’s work was amazing.”

Paula entered three categories: Fantasy; Multi Media Box Set & Reality Nail Art which involved showcasing the nail art she had prepared and a live competition.

“When the results were announced for the Fantasy category, one of our ladies came second so I was celebrating for her so much that I didn’t realise my name had been called for coming first!”

Paula had just enough time to compose herself before her name was called for a second award, the winner of ‘Art’s Winner of Winner’s’

“I was in complete disbelief, it was lovely to win, but to get my skills recognised was the greatest achievement.”

Paula lives in Howden and runs a nail salon in her house. With regular clients, she loves getting to know each customer and creates unique designs that are personal to them.

“I adore my job and all my lovely ladies that come along. Having your nails done can be a treat and an escapism for so many people and I’m here to make people happy and pampered.”

For now, Paula is taking a well-deserved break from competitions, but her achievement has inspired her to enter Nailympia next year in a higher division, as well as other national and regional competitions.

“Who would’ve thought a little conversation with a friend about changing careers would result in the life I have now!”

Paula encourages people to live life and dream big.

“You never know your dreams may just come true… mind did.”

To see more of Paula’s designs, visit ‘Eva Grace Lounge’ on Facebook.

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