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Exciting new plans to boost local economy

A community team in Goole are putting together exciting plans for how they intend to drive growth, jobs and prosperity in the area.

Goole Coastal Communities Team received £10,000 of Government funding in October 2015, to establish a delivery plan for culture and heritage to be at the core of the continuing regeneration strategy for the town, and to help shape Goole’s future prosperity. The plans lay out practical steps including creating a delivery plan for culture and heritage to celebrate the town’s bicentennial, undertake a review of leisure needs in the town and pilot cultural events on Aire Street. The team’s aspiration is to now explore heritage, culture, recreation and leisure in Goole in more detail. This will involve considering what is currently available, what local preferences are and, most importantly, identifying the economic potential of any new ventures to be targeted whilst also promoting, safeguarding and growing what the town currently has to offer.

Leigh Johnson, Renaissance Co-ordinator for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council told Our Goole: ‘The Vision we’re aiming for is that by 2026 Goole will be a much more cohesive, accessible and attractive town, displaying and celebrating its rich urban character, boats, bridges and bikes, in tune with its industrial infrastructure and water connections.  It will be a ‘feel good place’ with a good reputation for activities and things to do whilst also supporting local creative enterprises alongside larger international employers and harnessing global connections. With an enhanced sense of civic pride and a diverse range of employment, recreation and leisure opportunities, that also boost the teatime and evening economy, residents, businesses and visitors will have created a virtual cycle that in turn attracts more people and more investment to Goole.’

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