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Final garden prep for winter

Property expert David Leake of Housesetc talks to us about how to give your garden that last little bit of attention in preparation for autumn and winter.

With the hot summer we have had this year, and the surprise second-budding of your flowers, your garden will have had its work cut out this summer.

Here are our top tips as to how best to prepare your garden for the winter.

Put away garden furniture
You need to ensure it doesn’t all become needlessly wet, rusty, and perhaps even frozen in parts.

The final cut of the grass
Late October or early November is generally the ideal time to give your lawn its final trim before winter hits.

Rotting plants
Rotting and dying plants and other vegetation in your garden don’t only look untidy, they can also spread disease to other, healthier plants in the surrounding area.

Protect vulnerable plants from frost
You can protect your low-growing plants from wet weather by covering them with a sheet of glass or a cloche.

Plant cover crops
Late summer or early autumn is an ideal time of the year to sow crops. Crops help prevent soil erosion and increase levels of organic matter in garden beds.

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