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From a police perspective: Launch of ‘Humber Talking’ initiative

This April, Sgt David Lonsdale discusses the launch of a brand-new scheme to tackle local concerns within Goole.

You may have seen an increase in officers around the town in the past few weeks, particularly in Goole North.

This is because officers are undertaking a new initiative in the area known as Humber Talking. This initiative has been widely publicised and initially began as a trial on the Beverley Road area of Hull. It led to a successful reduction in the problems/concerns raised by local residents.  As a result we have begun Humber Talking in the East Riding, with Goole North being the chosen area ward to begin. Following our success in the Hull region, we are hoping to replicate this and launch the initiative in Goole – addressing any concerns with local residents.

In the next few weeks officers will knock and survey every house located in the Goole North Ward. We will ask occupant/s a series of questions focusing generally on any issues of concern they have about the area. This can range from fly-tipping, gangs of youths causing annoyance, drug dealing, knife crime or if even that nothing is concerning them. We as a police force are keen to hear any issues or concerns that you may have, and want you to have the peace of mind that we are always on hand to assist you.

We will input responses in a central database to build a picture of the issues identified by the community. The findings will be used by the local Goole team to consider what local residents have said and we will then set their short and long term priorities based around those concerns. If the issues being raised are within the remit of partner agencies, such as local authorities, health services etc then we will pass on the information to those organisations.

If we are unable to speak to the occupant directly we will leave a “calling card” which outlines how to complete the survey online and sign up to community alerts (text messaging system to inform you of ongoing incidents/crimes in your area)  otherwise email us on Goole@humberside.pnn.police.uk or tel 101 asking for Goole Neighbourhood team.

We thoroughly look forward to hearing from you, and believe all the information we receive from the community only pushes us forward.

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