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From a Police perspective: Secure your home from opportunistic burglars #DontMakeItEasy

This month, Goole Policing Team gives advice on how you can keep your home as secure as possible this winter with its campaign #dontmakeiteasy.

In many residential burglaries, the doors or windows have been left either open or unlocked.

Sadly, there are opportunistic criminals who take full advantage in these moments.

With the dark nights and mornings, and as Winter continues, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to secure your home as best as possible.

• Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked when you’re not in the room.
• Consider investing in a burglar alarm or security lighting. Both can be a great deterrent for both your home and outbuildings.
• Never leave anything of value on show, this may tempt thieves to your property. This includes car keys.

If you conceal valuables in your home, avoid obvious hiding places such as your sock drawer. Burglars are wise to these tricks.

If you are going to be away from your home for a long period of time, including going on holiday, consider installing a light on a timer switch which comes on in the evening.

It’s wise to only tell family and immediate friends that you are going away, and not to talk about any planned holidays on social media.

If you receive regular deliveries, these could be cancelled so they don’t build up on your doorstep – this is a giveaway sign that no one is home and hasn’t been for a while.

As many burglars and thieves are opportunistic, their motive is generally to get in, get something out of value, and then to get out as fast as possible. The steps above can help to conceal and to prevent your house being burgled by an opportunistic criminal.

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