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From a police perspective: Tackling domestic abuse

This month, Sgt Lonsdale tells us how domestic abuse is one of Goole Policing Team’s main priorities and talks through other policing matters happening in our area.

We have recently seen an increase in the number of people requesting information at Goole’s front counter about information we may have about their partner.

We encourage anyone with concerns about their current or ex partners to use the “right to ask” if they have a history of domestic abuse but we cannot give this information directly to you at the front office.

The scheme is known as the Domestic Violence Disclose Scheme or more commonly Claire’s Law. Applications can be made by anyone aged over 16 years and can be made by an individual or a third person (parent, friend, neighbour) for the purpose of protecting a potential victim from domestic abuse. The simplest way to do this is to telephone 101 and quote “Claire’s Law” and an application will be made on your behalf.

Once the application is completed police will check for information and if anything is apparent that indicates the applicant could be at risk a decision will be made on what information is able to be shared. The information is generally shared only with the individual concerned not the third party.

In other news, two men were sentenced for their parts in a burglary at a house on Kingston Street in Goole on 2 June 2019. Sven Eric Isle (34) of Old Goole pleaded guilty to the burglary and to assaulting a police officer during his arrest. He was sentenced to eight years and four months in prison. Lee Harrison (39) of Rawcliffe pleaded guilty to burglary and to handling stolen goods. He received a prison sentence of six years and seven months. Lee was also arrested following further investigation into the Kingston Street burglary – a stolen pedal cycle from another incident was located at his house. He was charged with handling stolen goods in relation to the bicycle as well as the Kingston Street burglary.

Investigating the case was PC Richard Sherburn, who told Our Goole: “The 19-year-old victim was in bed asleep when intruders broke into her home and threatened her as she lay in bed.

“The severity of the impact that this has had on her was recognised by the courts with these two strong sentences and we hope that they give her the peace of mind to allow her to move on from the ordeal.”

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