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From a police perspective: Tackling youth crime in Goole

This month Sgt David Lonsdale talks to us about Goole Policing Team’s latest priorities and how they are working with Goole Youth Action to stop youths committing crimes.

Once again, we are seeing an increase in youths congregating within the precinct of Goole and areas around the main supermarkets of Morrisons, Tesco and Asda.

The number of youths at any one time has been swelling beyond 50 which obviously causes issues as pack mentality sets in and children are then adopting emotional behaviours rather than thinking rationally. As a result, a number of youths are committing low level offences which will place them into the criminal justice system potentially ruining future opportunities.

Parents could also face action if their child repeatedly gets into trouble or if they do not take reasonable steps to control their behaviour. We are issuing community protection notices/fines, and court orders including sending parents on parenting programmes or placing them on parenting contracts.

We also have the option of having a dispersal notice placed within areas of Goole to prevent groups attending certain areas. If individuals given notices return to the area within a specified time they can be arrested and charged. We have done this previously after several warnings were given and if the current situation continues this will be a consideration.

We do not want to place children into the criminal justice system and will also assist in supportive measures with parents. However ultimately parents needs to be aware of the whereabouts of children and take responsibility.

We would like Goole to be a safe place and business within the day and night-time economy to thrive and grow. Incidents such as these damage the reputation of the area and I personally would like to ensure that does not happen.

We work closely with Goole Youth Action and a number of local groups to support children and offer activities and increase opportunities for young people in the area. We will continue to do this and would ask that you let us know exactly what other provisions you would recommend. Goole Youth Action can be contacted via Facebook @GooleYouthAction.

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