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Goole hosts first ever ‘Amazing Children’ awards

An extraordinary group of children from Goole are about to be treated to the party of a lifetime, thanks to a big-hearted local businesswoman.

Beth Taylor, who runs Goole’s Fun Run, has taken it upon herself to lavish a huge helping of love on some of the town’s most deserving youngsters. Beth has organised a community celebration, treating a special group of children to a ‘thank you’ party. Beth welcomes all manner of children to her soft-play facility, and is constantly astounded by some of the stories they bring along with them.

Beth told Our Goole: “Each and every one of the children that come here are incredible, but once in a while I get to know the families and their life situations, and I’m just blown away by the number of fantastic children Goole has in its midst. These children are simply amazing, and I think its about time someone gave them a little thank you for all they do – be it battling an illness or suffering from a debilitating condition, coping with losing a family member, recovering from an accident or perhaps simply being little ‘troopers’ for their mummy, who is having a difficult time.”

Beth sent out an online request for deserving youngsters to be nominated for the awards, and nine children were put forward. This means that later this month the Fun Run will host Goole’s first ‘Amazing Children Party’, with the nine lucky youngsters and five each of their friends enjoying a disco, party food, lashing of cake and a special trophy to take home to Mum. Amazing!

If anyone would like to offer a contribution to the event or would like to help out on the night, please contact Beth on 07809745607.

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