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Goole Museum donates photographs to Goole Hospital

Visitors to Goole hospital will now be able to enjoy historic images of Goole while waiting for appointments.

Goole Museum, working in partnership with the Health Tree Foundation, have provided framed photographs of Goole to fill the walls of the outpatients and pathology waiting areas.

Hospital staff were given the chance to choose they photos they wanted in their waiting area.

The Health Tree Foundation were able to pay for the pictures thanks to generous donations from local people to the Big Thank You Fund at Goole and District Hospital.

Christine Patterson, who works at the hospital said: “The staff love the photos and we hope the patients do too. We are so grateful to the museum for helping to bring some of our waiting areas to life. Other departments have already started asking if they can have some too.”

Goole Museum curator Debbie Hardy said: “We all know waiting for an appointment can be boring or stressful. I hope that by providing something interesting to look at it will help. It may even encourage a conversation with others – getting people chatting would be fantastic. I also hope people will visit the museum after seeing the photos, we have many more for them to enjoy.”

Partnerships manager for the Health Tree Foundation Victoria Winterton said: “We are delighted to have been able to work with Goole Museum on this project. It’s wonderful that we are able to celebrate the history of Goole in our hospital.”

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