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Goole sees the light

A new UVB light therapy service for dermatology patients has been launched at Goole and District Hospital.

The new facility means patients will no longer have to travel further afield to hospitals in Scunthorpe, Hull, Selby and Doncaster to access phototherapy light treatment.
UVB therapy, also known as TL01 therapy, is used for a number of skin disorders, including psoriasis and eczema.

For treatment the patient stands in a special cabinet to receive exposure to ultra-violet light. Treatment may last from a few seconds, building up gradually with each visit to about 15 minutes. A course of treatment usually involved attending the hospital two or three times a week for up to ten weeks. Outpatient Departmental Sister Tracy Hambley told our Goole: “Our priority here at Goole Hospital is to provide local services for local people.”

Peter Bowker, associate chief operating officer for medicine, said: “The launch of this new service for dermatology patients is great news for the people of Goole and surrounding areas as it means they no longer have to travel further afield for treatment.
Dr Aamir Butt, consultant dermatologist, said: “UVB light therapy is not a permanent cure but remission can last for up to a year and can make a big difference to people’s lives.”

Two members of staff at Goole Hospital received specialist training to be able to use the machine. Patients can only be referred to the service by their hospital consultant dermatologist.

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