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It’s all about trust

This month, Business Support Specialist Heidi Green explains just how important being liked and trusted is when running a business.

There is a saying in networking circles, ‘Know, Like and Trust’ and this is very true.  If someone knows you and likes you they will listen to you. However, if they trust you as well they will do business with you and becomes advocates on your behalf, telling everyone how wonderful you are.trust you?  How are you going to build up that relationship and credibility?
Trust is very hard-earned and it’s not just your customers that need to trust you. Suppliers who maybe offering you credit – will you pay them?; The bank to lend you finance to start or develop your business; employees (although this one is two-way – you need to trust them as well).  Sadly everyone is suspicious today so how are you going build up that trust and credibility in your business, your product/service and yourself?  You are the most important here as people buy from people.

Storytelling works – take some time to write about the facts that are building up the trust behind these three areas:

Your business:  How many years have you been delivering the products or services you offer, how many people have you helped, what is the background to your business and who is your target market?

Your product/service:  Images work wonders here, try before and after pictures and explain to potential customers what the benefits are of using your products/service. Case studies of how you worked with people and the end result, testimonials from clients work wonders.

You:  Being honest and transparent is the key to building trust. Tell people about yourself and why you are passionate about your business. Trust is what relationships depend on. By doing the above exercise you have built trust generators.  Use them at every opportunity. Remember though, honesty is fundamental to business and trust is fragile, it can take years to build and moments to lose.

Heidi Adele Green – The Business HAG, offering Help, Advice & Guidance to Businesses since 2003. Email heidi@the-business-hag.co.uk and become the best you possibly can be.

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