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Juggling too many plates?

This month, Business Support Specialist Heidi Green tells us how growth can be achieved by lowering your workload.

If you try to be everything to everyone you could end up feeling like you are spinning plates and juggling at the same time, then you drop a plate and what happens?

Identifying what element of the business you are happy to outsource, though, can be daunting, especially if the business is your “baby”.

Start to think about the time-consuming, income-absorbing activities that you are happy to hand over to someone else. It may be book-keeping, social media management or administration. By letting someone else deal with these elements of the business it will enable you to dedicate more time to your customers! It also allows you to grow the business.

To get a clear picture of what you can outsource, list the tasks you are undertaking and just see how much time you are spending on them. Identify areas where you don’t necessarily have the expertise too.

For further help and advice contact Heidi Green at hgreen@selby.gov.uk or telephone 01757 292332.

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