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Latvian who burgled woman in care refuses to be punished

A LATVIAN migrant refused to comply with his community punishment after burgling a house in Airmyn near Goole

Tomas Kozlofskes, 24, broke in to the house while its elderly owner was in care, stealing golf clubs a hip flask and a machete.

Kozlofskes, of Percy Street, Goole was caught when police found his finger print along with that of a second man on a window frame on August 5 last year.

Kozlofskes, who has a string of convictions for theft, was sentence at Sheffield Crown Court on November 25th last year to complete community punishment and drug rehabilitation, but failed to make six appointments with the Humberside Probation Service.

Kozlofskes appeared at Hull Crown Court for re-sentence after pleading guilty to a charge of failing to comply with the court order without reasonable excuse.

Barrister Jayne  Bryan said Kozlofskes had not complied with the probation service on six occasions.

She said he had burgled the house in Airmyn and made admission to the police – another man had put him up to it.

She said he had been given a chance by probation service who had rescheduled his appointment because of his chaotic life due to drug addiction.

Kozlofskes has convictions at Goole Magistrates Court in 2009 for theft and failing to surrender to custody and theft in 2013 at Beverley Magistrates Court. His last court appearance was before Beverley Magistrates’ Court in March for stealing five lots of men’s underpants and five eyeliner pencils worth £42 from Boyes store in Goole. He was order to pay fines of £165.

Kozlofskes was un-represented in court and admitted he knew he could be jailed for not complying with court orders.

He said: “I had the opportunity to work and have been waiting for that opportunity for 2-3 years. If I don’t accept the work I lose it. If I lose my work I will steal and rob again.

“I want to co-operate. I have my brother and sister and mum. I have a kid, but she lives in Manchester.”

Recorder Simon Jackson, QC ordered Kozlofskes to stand as he told him: “I am going to give you one last chance and write on the court papers that it was the last chance. The judge on the next occasion will send you to prison. I cannot say what that sentence will be, but for dwelling house burglary that could be for 18 months to two years.”

The judge ordered his probation appointment should be reduced and his drug rehabilitation order revoked, but he should attend voluntarily so he could continue to work. He also agreed he must reside at his Percy Street address for six months.

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