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Mighty mentor

Martial arts students in Goole are passing their gradings with flying colours, thanks to the distinct advantage of being trained and mentored by a 5th Dan black belt martial arts master.

Paul Strauther, from Goole, last week guided every single one of his ‘Defence Lab’ students to success on ‘Grading Day’, taking them one step closer to achieving their own personal martial arts goals. Paul is one of only two people in the world to be awarded with a 5th Dan in the ‘DNA Fight Science’ System, a prestigious accolade he achieved in 2013. He started on his martial arts journey over twenty years ago at the age of fifteen, when he began training with Andy Norman, founder of Defence Lab, who has worked on many Hollywood action films training stars such as Tom Cruise and Christian Bale.

After twenty years of hard work and serious dedication, Paul was well versed in the benefits and life changing improvements that martial arts can bring to people’s lives, and decided to bring the Defence Labs classes to his hometown of Goole. The classes, for both adults and children proved extremely popular and offer something for people of all abilities who want to improve their lives. Classes are designed to offer students the best martial arts education – whether you’re looking to lose weight, learn to defend yourself, gain muscle tone, flexibility, strength, or simply gain confidence.

Extremely motivated and completely dedicated to his students, Paul is ensuring they each reach their goals, achieving black belt and beyond.
Defence Labs run their Kids Martial Arts class every Monday, 5.30-6.15pm and their DNA Adult class every Monday, 7.30-8.30pm at Elite Fitness, Goole. Tel: 0800 772 0854.

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