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Local News

Cutest Companion competition 2019

After the success of Our Goole’s Little Stars, we are introducing a brand new competition giving you the opportunity to…

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Last month we had the first instalment of a series of questions commonly asked by employers at Universal Credit events….

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November Horoscopes

Aquarius (20th January-18th February) Don’t jump to conclusions about another person’s knowledge or abilities. Someone who may not look very…

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This month, Sgt Lonsdale tells us how Goole is a hotspot for poaching and how the police are tackling this….

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We all know our dogs are our best friends, and although we’d love to, sometimes we can’t take them away…

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Universal Credit questions and answers

Welcome to the first in a series of questions commonly asked by employers at Universal Credit events. What are the…

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The CID department in Goole comprises two teams currently, who provide investigation cover for the town and surrounding areas 365…

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Goole amateur photographer, Anne Howard Webb, is quickly becoming recognised for her stunning images of the local area, having appeared…

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