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No Desire To Retire? Then read on…

The current government is committed to promoting the recruitment of older workers.  Older workers are an important asset to any organisation due to their wealth of experience and diverse perspectives.

If the over 50s continue to leave the workforce in line with previous patterns, the country will suffer serious labour and skills shortages. The obvious solution is to embrace later life working, helping to realise the potential of older workers who have so much to offer.

Here are a few facts to help to dispel negative stereotypes about older workers:

MYTH: Older workers are likely to cost the business more for their experience.

Research shows that workers aged 50+ are five times less likely to change jobs than their younger counterparts thus reducing recruitment and training costs.

MYTH: Older workers are likely to be too set in their ways and will not be able to adapt to change or be flexible.

There is no evidence to suggest that older workers are less adaptable or flexible. One survey indicates that 85% of employers with older workers have said that their older workers are open to/adapt to change very well.

MYTH: Older workers will just cruise along and will not be sufficiently focussed on their career.

It is assumed that older workers lack the desire to learn but 91% of those surveyed stated that they would wish to progress in their career.

MYTH: Older workers have more sickness absence.

According to the insurance firm RIAS, older workers are half as likely to take time off with ill health compared to younger workers.

MYTH: Older workers are not going to be up-to-date with the latest technology.

A recent poll found that not only did mature professionals keep up with changing technologies, but 90% were internet users.

For more information please contact your Job Centre on 0345 604 3719 or email goole.goolewc@dwp.gsi.gov.uk.
Age UK also offers support at – www.ageuk.org.uk/work-and-learning/looking-for-work/
Or visit No Desire to Retire – job vacancies for over 50s at www.nodesiretoretire.com.

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