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Plane crash lands into field near Goole

A pilot was forced to crash land his plane in an unknown field near Goole after struggling to find his landing strip on Saturday morning.

Pilot, Tony Simms, was left with no choice but to land his plane in the field after the flight took a turn for the worst.

Unbeknown to Tony, the field he was heading towards was muddy and boggy and his De Haviland plane’s propeller hit the ground and nose-dived into the earth.

He said: “I’d been at Bigby Air Show and was on my way back to Breighton Airfield when it happened. We’ve had a problem with the lights there and I couldn’t see them but I saw the empty field which looked like the safest place to land at that point”.

The crash damaged the propeller but Tony replaced it, waited for the ground to freeze and set off again to make the five minute flight back to the airfield.

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