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From a police perspective: Having fun while staying safe

This month Sgt Ryan Reed discusses the troubles both Halloween and Bonfire Night can bring and how they can be prevented.

‘As summer comes to an end and we prepare for the dark, cold nights of winter, our focus turns to projects surrounding Halloween, Bonfire Night and the events that come with them.

Although these events are celebrations, they can be some of our busiest nights of the year as they often come with an increase in anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.

The Goole Communities team will be doing several things to raise awareness of this and keep you safe by ensuring that crime and anti-social behaviour remains low.
School visits will take place prior to Halloween to give talks to children around safety in the dark and the correct principles that should be adopted when trick or treating.

Halloween can be full of fun and laughs, but it’s important to remember that some people might get worried or frightened more easily than others. The talks will discuss avoiding targeting properties containing elderly or vulnerable residents and only trick or treating when supervised.

Shops will also be visited to highlight the importance of not selling eggs and flour to youths, children or anybody they believe may be buying it to use in an anti-social manner.

PCSOs will be carrying out lots of high visibility patrol on and around Halloween to target any issues and deal with them positively. Mention will also be given to safety on Bonfire Night and the laws regarding misuse of fireworks. PCSOs will again be carrying out high visibility patrol on and around Bonfire Night and will be attending several of the large scale bonfire events in the local area. Both Halloween and Bonfire Night are great fun and we wish you an enjoyable and safe time celebrating both of them.’

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