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From a police perspective: Improving issues at Eastgate flats

This month Sgt Ryan Reed of Goole Neighbourhood Policing Team highlights the work officers are undertaking to improve a number of issues affecting Goole’s Eastgate flats.

Goole’s much maligned Eastgate flats complex has long provided an economic housing solution for many residents of the town.

The large, high-rise housing scheme houses around 120 flats and Goole’s Policing team has recently launched a major collaborative initiative alongside several partner agencies to improve ongoing problems there that are affecting, not only the residents of Eastgate, but also Goole’s wider community as a whole.

The main aim of the scheme is to clear up a number of social, drug related and crime issues and there are also high hopes of a re-launched Residents’ Association to provide a much-needed voice for occupants.

Sgt Ryan Reed told Our Goole: ‘The Eastgate flats complex experiences a number of social issues, such as drug-related activity, antisocial behaviour and other related crime.

‘The Goole Neighbourhood Policing Team has launched a collaborative project which will be looking at improving circumstances for the majority of residents within the complex.
‘Heading up the project is PCSO Michelle Thorley, working alongside partners such as the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Housing department, the ERYC Anti-social Behaviour team and substance support workers.

‘As a base line the local policing team has already visited the majority of residents to discuss what issues are important to them, and how we can work together to tackle some of the common themes. As a direct result of this interaction there is definite support to re-energise the Residents’ Association to give a collective voice.

‘The intention of the project is to then look at how problems can be resolved in a more holistic fashion. Not just looking at crime, but also looking at environment and contributing factors towards antisocial behaviour, exploring ‘why’ the majority of issues are occurring and making a collective action plan to tackle them with other supporting agencies. This could incorporate many positive aspects, from assistance with employment to support around everyday skills to promote health.’

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