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Potential problems to look for when viewing a property

On approaching a property, pay attention to things like the roof tiles and guttering.

If there are visible signs of damage it could be costly to rectify and they can also cause damp within the property, which will incur further repair costs.

If the property has wooden window and door frames, look for signs of rot as this can be another costly job to fix.

Inside, look out for signs of damp, such as the smell or signs of mould.

Poor water pressure is another issue, so run taps upstairs and downstairs and flush the toilet to check the water flow.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as when any work was done and how old things are like the boiler and heating system.

Also check if the property is in a flood zone as buildings insurance for homes that have been flooded is expensive and might be hard to find. If you can’t get insurance you won’t get a mortgage.

If you are looking to buy or sell a house and would like further advice, call Heptonstalls on 0800 9178267 or visit www.heptonstalls.co.uk

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