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Prolific offender jailed for 14 months

A BUNGLING villain with 81 convictions has been jailed for 14 months after being caught with a silver Scottish ceremonial dagger stolen from a house in Howden within seven hours of it being discovered missing.

Daniel Severn, 29, admitted buying the silver Scottish weapon knowing it was probably stolen, but denied being responsible for the burglary in Loftsome Way, Howden.

Severn’s home was searched and a camera found also taken in the burglary, but none of the other items. Severn refused to answer police questions after insisting he was not guilty with a record of 81 convictions which showed he is not very good at crime.

Famously he was caught in November 2013 trying to burgle a house when he got stuck in a window with his head hanging over a toilet. He begged the homeowner to call the police.

Severn, formerly of Market Place, Howden, appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court on Monday, February 8, after pleading guilty to handling stolen goods and possession of an offensive weapon.

Crown advocate Phillip Evans said Severn was arrested soon after the burglary, but not so soon as he could be prosecuted for the original charge of burglary.

Mr Evans said: ‘The defendant was seen by the police on the streets of Goole. The police had information the defendant was in funds. He was seen in a bookmakers’ shop. They approached him and searched him. They found on him the Scottish dagger in a box. That immediately linked him to the burglary. A search of his home revealed a second item for the burglary.’

Severn, who has been in custody for five months, urged the judge not to jail him further. He said he had just found out he was a father for the first time.

He said he was between jobs when he committed the latest offence. He said he had just found out he was a father to a child and wanted to play a proper role in his upbringing.

‘I have been desperate to change,’ said Severn. ‘I did 20 hours of driving lessons before this. I did four months of clear testing with the probation service before I was arrested this time. I have been on the recovery wing in Hull Prison. I was initially on Subutex. I am clean of everything now.

‘You can see 100 percent of my convictions, apart from when I was 14 with an air-rifle, have been under the influence of drugs. My son is three-weeks old. Rehabilitation is going to take three months to a year. I need to get this out of me.’

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, ordered Severn to stand as he told him: ‘As you have pointed out, your criminality in the past has been connected to your addiction to drugs. So far your addiction has wrecked your life. There is now a chance for you to take part in drug rehabilitation. It remains to be seen if you can achieve that. It is largely in your hands. I have responsibilities to perform and must punish you. You have many previous convictions, many for dishonesty. I could easily justify 18 months.’

He jailed Severn for 14 months and warned him: ‘I hope you turn away from drugs. If you do go to prison again you will have a minimal chance of influencing that child’s future.’

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