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Pushing it to the limit

Kizzy Blue Wade, from Spaldington is doing our region proud by taking part in an amazing challenge of endurance in her wheelchair, to raise funds for specialised sports equipment to allow her to pursue her love of sports.

Eleven-year-old Kizzy suffers from Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, which affects all four of her limbs. She recently set herself an immense challenge – to complete crossings of three of the UK’s largest bridges: the Humber Bridge in Hull, The Forth Road Bridge in Scotland and the Severn Bridge in Wales in her manual racing wheelchair, over three consecutive Sundays in March.

This challenge is a real test of endurance for Kizzy, who is a full time wheelchair user. Despite her disability, Kizzy enjoys all kinds of sports, including Wheelchair Basketball, Sit Skiing and Power-Chair Football. Although Kizzy enjoys many sports, she excels at Powerchair Football, and has climbed the ranks of the East Riding Electric Eels team to gain a place in both the regional and the national league team, and in fact is the only under 16 female to play at this level in the country.
Last year Kizzy was given the opportunity to try a new sport – sit skiing. After throwing herself off the top of the main ski slope at Castleford’s Snozone, she was hooked. Despite being told it would take her six years to gain the skill and confidence to be able to start to learn to ski independently, within just six months she was tentatively attempting independent skiing.

The only obstacle to her progress is that the correct equipment isn’t available to use, due to the fact that it is rare for someone so young to be pursuing this sport.
This minor detail wasn’t going to deter the plucky youngster, who began fundraising for the £5,000 needed to have her own sit ski made. Deciding she didn’t want to simply ask for donations, Kizzy wanted to complete a challenge in order to earn the donations, and the ‘Three Bridge Challenge’ was born.
With the Severn Bridge and Forth Road Bridge parts of the challenge completed by mid-March, Kizzy still had the Humber Bridge crossing to endure as Our Goole went to press, before her challenge is complete.

Pushing herself across the bridges totally independently, this has been an epic challenge in a manual wheelchair for this distance and a true test of endurance.
Never letting her disability define who she is and inspiring others through her determination to ‘have a go’ at anything and refusing to give up, for someone so young Kizzy’s attitude to life is inspiring. When asked recently if she would change anything about her disability, Kizzy replied: ‘No way, I wouldn’t be doing the amazing things I do if I didn’t have cerebral palsy.’

Kizzy’s fundraising page can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/ga4hhdmc
All donations will go towards buying Kizzy her own sit-ski, so she can continue with sports and hopefully go on to compete.

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