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The Read School celebrates 350th anniversary with time capsule

A time capsule was inserted into the wall of the new music building currently being constructed at The Read School, Drax, as part of the 350th anniversary celebrations in 2017.

The box contained a school prospectus and magazine, CD, DVD, local and national newspapers, including the Goole Times and Selby Times, along with poems written by the Prep School and small items of memorabilia.

It was inserted into an interior wall of the new building which is set to be completed by the spring of 2017.  This coincides with the school’s 350th anniversary next year and is intended to provide a snapshot of life at the school for future generations to study.  The ceremony was performed by the Headmaster Dr John Sweetman with Heads of School, Alfie Thomlinson and Lizzy Limbert.

Dr Sweetman said: ‘It is very exciting to think that the box may be opened by someone many years into the future and to imagine how much the school, and indeed the world, will have changed by then.

‘This is the second time capsule on the site, the first being inserted into the brickwork of the tower at the front of school when it was built in 1908/09, and who knows who will have the excitement of opening either of these boxes and discovering what the school was like in a different period of history. It is fitting that we make this gesture in recognition of the school’s long history and as part of our anniversary celebrations.  Who knows?  It may be another 350 years before today’s artefacts are unearthed to provoke interest and speculation.’

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