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Sell more to those you know

This month, Business Support Specialist Heidi Green tells us her top tips on how to get more business from existing customers.

It is easier and more affordable to sell to existing customers than go out there and try to find new ways. So, let’s think how we can increase your revenue by selling to them.

Firstly, think about what your customers have bought previously and offer them relevant services. Of course sales is about being in the right place, at the right time, at the right price. Think about the offers you could put on when they are already in buying mode and encourage them to spend a little more.

If you treat existing customers right, they will recommend you to others and often they are less price-sensitive than new customers.

Consider newsletters to tell them about new products or special offers you are having.

No matter if you are an online sales business or a physical shop, by placing related items together you are making it easier for the customer to see what else they may need.

Upselling can be more problematic, you are asking customers to spend more. However, by asking the right questions quite often you can point out the savings that can be made long term by spending a little more.

For further advice on the above or business growth and funding opportunities contact Heidi Green, Senior Business Advisor for Selby District Council via email at hgreen@selby.gov.uk or telephone 01757 292332.

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