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The Spirit of Goole – Flying to Success

The Spirit of Goole (TSOG) are back and looking to reach for more success by breaking the world record for the most airfields visited in 24 hours by a fixed wing aircraft.

Their world record attempt has been named as The Grand Tour and is commencing on Saturday, June 24. The current world record stands at 68 airfields visited in a day, TSOG are aiming to visit at 72 aircrafts and maybe more if the weather is on their side.

One of TSOG’S pilots, Chris Milnes or Andy Pearson, will be flying the aircraft and depending on the rules set by Guinness World Records they are hoping to have some of their younger members in the front seat.

Jack Milnes, chairman of TSOG, said: ‘It is a relatively simple record to set, and as the route, although long at 400nm, is achievable with some time to spare. Flight rules stipulate that daylight is 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after. On 24 June sunrise is 4:30am and sunset is 9:35pm, which gives us the window of 04:00am to 10:05pm to complete the challenge.’

Along the route there will be eight different refuelling points, each with a 30 minute stop. The TSOG ground crew will relocate to each fuelling point to support the aircrew. Jack is also hoping to see some of their supporters at the points.

TSOG are hoping to raise money for the Youth Aviation Centre, which is planned to be the first of its kind in the UK. It will help underprivileged young people gain a start to a career in aviation.

They are hoping to raise £850,000 for the purchase and infrastructure improvements. Any donations can be made at www.mydonate.bt.com/donation/donate.html?charity=thespiritofgoole

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