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Staged to sell

Property expert David Leake of Housesetc talks about staging your home for sale with little to no budget…

Your home is on the market and you want to sell, but you still haven’t had any offers. Staging your home can make all the difference. Follow these tips to increase your chances of a speedy sale.

Blank looks
It’s difficult to stage a property when it’s cluttered. Start off by doing a deep clean, so you know what you have, and get rid of what you don’t need.

Ditch the dirt
Nobody wants to buy a dirty home. Wash the windows and vacuum the floors, clean the baths, showers and toilets. And definitely don’t shove all the stuff you picked up off the floor into a cupboard. Prospective home buyers think about whether it has enough storage and cluttered cupboards say there isn’t enough space.

It’s not personal
Keep your personal items, like framed photographs, tucked away so the buyer can picture themselves living in the home.

Let there be light
Natural light is a key selling point for any home. Blinds and curtains should be kept open to make the space look bigger and highlight the views of your outside space. If the view outside your window is not ideal, consider hanging simple white, linen curtain panels that obstruct the view but also allow the natural light to come in.

Paint a picture
While you certainly want the plumbing and electrics to be in good order, keep in mind that one of the most cost-effective things to do to is to paint and magnolia is the king.

Staged, not bare
Furniture that is well-proportioned helps potential buyers make sense of the space, and can be highly effective. Make beds with crisp, white linens that emphasise relaxation.

Scent packing
Prospective buyers are going to be checking out your bathroom. Make sure that your cloakroom is stocked with a pretty bottle of hand soap and clean, light hand towels. Make sure your home smells clean, invest in some good air freshener and scented candles, but be careful, you want to lightly scent a room not overpower it.

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