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Suspended sentence for Goole woman ‘caught in cyclone of drug abuse and loyalty’

A HEROIN user on £80-worth of Class A drugs-a-day was caught twice by police within three weeks with heroin they suspected belonged to her drug dealer boyfriend.

Laura Mackay, 24, was described as being caught in a cyclone of drug abuse and loyalty as she battled with her demons despite coming from a good home, Hull Crown Court heard.

Police raided her flat in Alexander Street, Goole, finding 40grams of heroin on August 3 last year. It was divided into 22 street deals and valued at £1,600. There was £340 in cash and a set of digital scales. She was arrested and insisted she was keeping it for another. Despite being on police bail she was caught again when police raided her new property at Edinburgh Street, Goole, on August 31 and found 1.3grams of heroin and £1,200 in cash. She told police the heroin was part of her £80-a-day habit.

Laura Mackay, 23, of Edinburgh Street, Goole, pleaded not guilty to entering a house as a trespasser in Cottingham Street, Goole, but guilty to possession of drugs and possession of class A drugs with intent to supply.

She appeared via video link for sentence from Peterborough Prison at Hull Crown Court on Friday, June 10, 2016.

Crown barrister Mark McKone said she had a clean record apart from avoiding a train fare in August 2015 and the Crown accepted it was her boyfriend Johnny Nolan, 23, who was responsible for the Cottingham Road burglary.

Defence barrister Pamela Coxon said Mackay had been on bail until she was too frightened to attend court and was arrested and sent to Peterborough.

“It is the first time she has been before a court,” said Ms Coxon. “She was in possession of the drugs for others. You can read between the lines as to who the other person was. This is a young woman with demons. She was able to stay free until this relationship. That relationship is why she is here today. She was caught up in a cyclone. Her time in custody has not been good. She has heard the clang of the cell door and is motivated to change. She has been well away from family who for financial reasons have not been able to visit her. She has a supportive family and comes from a good home. Here sister is in court today.”

Sentencing, Recorder Rachim Singh said he had read the letter from her mother illustrating she came from an impeccable background but was concerned she knew the dangers.

He said: “You of all people knew the drugs would be supplied on the street and the misery those who took them would face. You were prepared to allow yourself to be used.”

He said the sentence had to be one of two years in prison, but he could suspend it so it hung over her head for two years should she get involved in drugs again. He also ordered she should be given a 25-day drug rehabilitation requirement.

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