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Back in August, Our Goole previewed the exciting refurbishment of the Tone Zone fitness suite and indoor cycling studio at East Riding Leisure Goole. To mark the beginning of the redevelopment’s first full year, our content writer, Becky Stubbs, went along to see how the £300,000 project is working out (pun intended!).

Joining a gym when you’re not a fitness fanatic can be an intimidating experience. It isn’t unusual to be greeted by a room full of dedicated gym goers with ‘perfect’ bodies and staff that explain the equipment using complicated phrases you’ve never heard before.

The whole process of being a ‘newbie’ can be enough to put some people off, which was why it was refreshing to be greeted at Tone Zone by a warm, friendly atmosphere and a gym full of diverse local people all working at different fitness levels.

The brand new Tone Zone fitness suite and indoor cycling studio was a £300,000 project that opened its doors on August 29 last year, bringing state-of-the-art equipment and a new exercise programme to East Riding Leisure Goole.

The 70-station redevelopment features a four-station TRX wall, a new free weights area, a matted area for floor exercises as well as three multifunctional trainer machines, two power plates and all new cardio and strength machines. The new cycling studio is full of high-quality Keiser bikes and an impressive sound system. David Halkon, centre manager, is thrilled with the success Tone Zone has had since its reopening last summer.

He told me: ‘It’s encouraging to see how many people love the new Tone Zone. It’s used by such a wide variety of people and it’s clear that Tone Zone is more than just a gym, it’s a community. People who visit regularly often make new friends and our great staff are always on hand to help you achieve your goals, whatever they might be.’

And David appeared to be telling the truth – the gym was full of people working at a variety of paces and toward different goals and achievements.

Mike Fox, Tone Zone fitness co-ordinator told me: ‘At Tone Zone we understand and respect that fitness is really diverse and we are more than happy to help everyone that walks through our doors find a workout that suits them.’

On my visit to Tone Zone, I was able to speak to one dedicated gym member, Paul Roberts, 65, who has had a new lease of life since signing up for a membership. When he stepped into Tone Zone four years ago, Paul, who relied heavily on walking sticks, was too heavy to receive a life-changing hip replacement. In a bid to lose weight to be able to go through with the operation, Paul joined Tone Zone. He has since lost seven stone and had two successful hip replacements.

He explained: ‘I visit Tone Zone every day and I love it – especially since the exciting refurbishment. Exercise really is for everyone – Tone Zone has shown me that.’

East Riding Leisure Goole is also home to a swimming pool and slide, offers children’s parties as well as a well equipped sports hall and courts.
Tone Zone has gone from strength to strength and 2017 is set to bring even more improvements including a revamped sports hall and spruced-up changing rooms.

TRX classes are set to launch this month too – a performance training tool developed by US special forces that uses gravity and the user’s body weight for resistance, providing a full body work out using an endless amount of different exercises. No matter what your level of fitness, age or ability, it’s clear that there is something for everyone at Tone Zone.

So if you’re looking to get fit this new year and want to join a friendly gym with the highest quality equipment and expert staff then Tone Zone could be the gym for you.

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