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A specialist chainsaw artist is using his unusual skills to help students create a spectacular display of carved ‘totem pole’ sculptures at a local neurological care centre.

Sue Ryder’s Holme Hall in Holme-upon-Spalding-Moor is a specialist neurological care centre which looks after adults with life-changing conditions affecting their brain and nervous system including stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease.
The centre will see their recently developed woodland walk area transformed with the spectacular structures, providing inspiration, a talking point and a place of reflection for the local community.

The project is a culmination of work from conceptual artist Jerry Worley, his wife Alyson who works at Holme Hall, specialist chainsaw artist Mick Burn and staff and first year Art & Design students from Selby College.
A competition was held for the students to come up with an idea for the sculptures, with the winning designs created by Eleanor Martin, Phoebe Waring, Laura Quinn, Liv Bray, Bryony Howard, Megan Cahill and Hannah Grafton.

The first cuts will be done by Mick in mid-April and it is anticipated that it will take two weeks to produce all of the sculptures, with the official opening in early May. Students, residents and staff will all be in attendance for the unveiling, where there will be plaques mounted with each of the students’ names to commemorate their involvement.

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