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Property expert Phil Jones from Link Agency brings us up to date with some brand-new tenancy laws.

From 1 June this year letting agencies and private landlords will no longer be able to charge tenants any fees whatsoever when they rent properties.

In the past and up to the 1 June most agencies and some landlords will charge a small fee to help towards the overall costs in connection with referencing and drawing up tenancy agreements.

From this date the legislation which now has Royal Assent and has been called the Tenant Fees Act 2019 stipulates that this will no longer be allowed. Furthermore, tenant deposits will be capped at six weeks’ rent and anything more than this will also be unlawful.

This legislation covers all Housing Act tenancies in the UK. For more information contact www.gov.uk

Phil Jones is Managing Director of Link Agency and Vice President of the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce.

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