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This month we caught up with the ladies from Leading Tribe, Libby Pearce and Emma Foy, who run their own clothing business from their workshop in Eastrington.

Leading Tribe has taken social media by storm over recent months, with the site’s personalised clothing being worn by kids and adults across the UK and beyond.

The pair started the business with a view of making some extra cash to buy their kids’ treats, and less than a year later, they both work full time and have taken on two new members of staff.

Libby told us: “Emma and I met at toddler group in Eastrington Village Hall. I moved to the village from Bristol with my partner and two young children and I didn’t know anyone. Emma had also moved to the village with her husband and kids literally a few weeks before us and we hit it off immediately.

“We started planning a potential business over coffee dates with the kids in tow and Leading Tribe was born! The first night our website launched we weren’t expecting much as it was the week after Christmas and we only had a couple of designs. We sold 50 T-shirts that night.”

To date, the Leading Tribe girls have designed and made over 4,000 T-shirts and have shipped all over the world.

Emma added: “It’s really hard to believe that we’ve not yet been open a year, it’s grown so quickly. I think the key to our success is always being open and honest with each other and having a laugh! There’s not a day goes by in the office when we don’t laugh! Although we work very hard, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and I think that shines through with the brand.”

The two mums have also recently launched a premium label, Culprit Clothing, which uses organic items with a focus on quirky unisex designs, such as skulls wearing flower crowns and metallic, geometric prints.

Libby said: “We’re hoping to pull in a whole new audience with the new designs so we’re looking forward to seeing where that takes us!”

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