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Local woman, Amanda Midgley-Bliss, completed the London Marathon last month to raise money for the mental health hospital where she works.

Amanda, who works at the Retreat Hospital in York, which supports people with mental health needs, completed the marathon in six hours 47 minutes in the blistering heat on April 22nd to raise over £1,000 for the hospital.

Amanda said: “I started off well but as I got to mile 13 the water stations started to run out of water and there was no water for three miles. The East End of London really pulled together, they were filling up buckets of water and passing out cups to the runners. After my blip at 13 miles I brought myself round and ploughed on through to the end.

“There were so many interesting people running for all kinds of reasons. The weather on the day was scorching though and people were dropping out all over the place through exhaustion. The ambulance crew were so on the ball and were on hand all the way. The reason I carried on and didn’t pull out was because I’m like my mum, who’s a fighter and doesn’t give up. Hopefully, this will be the same attitude my children have. My husband, Ash, has been my biggest support throughout the training and on the day.

“He came down to support me with my three daughters. I can’t thank him enough for the encouragement he has given me. I rang him at mile 13 and told him I couldn’t complete it and he was calm and told me I could do it. It was such an amazing feeling getting the medal put around my neck at the finish, I still can’t quite believe I had this golden opportunity, I’ll cherish it forever.”

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