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Operation Yuletide: Humberside Police are working hard to keep people safe.

With just 18 days until Christmas, celebrations are starting to get into full swing as office parties begin and revellers enjoy festive get togethers. With just two Fridays to go until Mad Friday, Humberside Police are working hard to keep people safe.

As part of Operation Yuletide, Humberside Police’s initiative to tackle spikes in demand over the festive period, extra staff, teams and partners will be on hand to ensure revellers have a night to remember, for all the right reasons.

Chief Inspector Paul Butler, from Humberside Police said: “As part of Op Yuletide, we’re reminding people to stop and think about their safety, and the safety of those around them. Whether that’s by booking a taxi in advance, walking away from trouble or by knowing your limits.”

The Force has been busy working with pubs, clubs and partner organisations since 1 December and is gearing up for Friday 22 December, also known as ‘Mad Friday’, which we expect to be one of the busiest days of the year so far.

Chief Insp Butler added: “We don’t want to dampen the festive spirit, we want everyone to enjoy the celebrations and have fun, however it’s important that people stay in control and consider the consequences of their actions. Just one thoughtless act after drinking too much alcohol or taking illegal or legal highs can have disastrous results. From causing a scene in a bar, falling over and breaking your leg, to driving home and being arrested for drink-driving, we urge everyone to stop and think. We don’t want your Christmas or the rest of your life to be ruined by one night out.”

Consider these tips to have a good time and stay safe this Christmas:

• Pace yourself. Don’t be remembered at the office Christmas party for the wrong reasons.
• Make it a night to remember, for all the right reasons. Socialise safely by looking after yourself and your friends.
• Don’t be a fool, don’t drink and drive. Even if you can’t get a taxi, keep yourself and others safe this Christmas
• Think about the morning after – what time did you stop drinking? Just because it’s the next day, alcohol can still be in your system and if you’ve had a late night, tiredness itself can impede your ability to drive. Think! If in doubt, don’t drive.

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