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Martial art students from Goole and East Cowick karate clubs attended the Rising Sun Association multi style martial art event in Scarborough.

The day’s events were opened with Sensei Chris Hollings who took the group through traditional wado ryu and demonstrated the differences between sport and traditional styles of karate.  Hollings provided demonstrations and instruction of basic techniques which can be used in “real life situations”. 

Soke Darrel Haigh, the founder of the Yorkshire based association and The Rising Sun School based in East Cowick provided a workshop on weaponry including Jo staff, Bokken and Katana sword. Soke took the students through the intricate art of the samurai, this class concentrated on the ability to both control a sword in order to deliver precise blows or cuts to an attacker as well as demonstrating the counter defences.

Visiting guest Sensei David Hammond provided a very informative and in-depth class highlighting the differences in sport and traditional style judo.  David expressed the importance of using the attacker’s body to gain an advantage by shifting them off centre and off balance and allowed the group to practice a range of sweeps, throws and locks.

The event was finished off by Soke Darrel presenting Sensei Kelly of The Rising Sun School in East Cowick, her 3rd Dan for the hard work, dedication she has provided to her own martial arts training, to others and to the work she has done within the association.

The Rising Sun Association course, seminars and events are open to members and non-members. For more information regarding the association or any of our classes and events please contact Soke Darrel Haigh on 07858  944598 or email senseidarrel@hotmail.co.uk

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