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Men in Sheds is a community space for men to connect, converse and create. The activities are often like those undertaken in the garden shed. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun.

Most of these projects in the UK are run by men, and this grassroots model can often bring about stronger feelings of fulfilment and achievement in the men that develop them.

This may lead to better sustainability as these projects often don’t start with large cash injections. This isn’t always the case though. Men in Sheds Goole is run by its members.

Our Goole chatted to Tony Burndred, Chairperson, to find out more: “Whilst I was looking at Men in Sheds on YouTube, I had a moment of insanity and thought this would be good for Goole.

Over two years ago in 2017, we managed to open. I must admit I had my eyes on one particular building knowing it would be perfect, with a lot of help from councillors Keith Moore and Alan Menzie, Jacky Birkett from Humber & Wolds Rural Action and Amanda Scrimgeour from Groundwork plus many donators.

“Most of the men that attend are retired. This is because a life after employment can be difficult. Men often feel that they’ve lost their sense of purpose and place in the world. They can miss the routine and camaraderie between colleagues that often comes with working life. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation which can be dangerous for their health and wellbeing. However, we recognise that age isn’t the only factor in loneliness and isolation, and that there is more to Men in Sheds, for example, sharing skills, informal learning and enjoyment.”

There are many Men’s Sheds in the UK with female members, but most Men in Sheds exist for the benefits they bring to men’s health and wellbeing.

Tony added: “It’s really down to each individual Shed whether they invite women, or have separate days for women to join in. One of the best things about Men in Sheds is they facilitate conversation about subjects that men might usually find difficult to talk about.

Men in Sheds do have female members.

To find out more, please visit www.goolemeninsheds.btck.co.uk

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