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The Goole Jobcentre has the support you need…

…when you need it. Jobcentres across the country have recently been portrayed unfavourably in the press.

Here at Goole Jobcentre, we are concerned that this negativity is having an impact on people and people are putting off seeking help when that’s what we’re here for!

The feeling is that some customers have delayed contacting the Jobcentre/making a claim when they could have been offered support earlier.

Staff at Goole Jobcentre are committed to supporting you and helping you with any concerns you have surrounding employment and payments you are due to receive. The Jobcentre is Goole has a real community feel and we want to urge anyone who needs information or advice regarding claiming benefits to contact us.

Work coaches will be the first point of contact for you and will work with you throughout your journey. If you have a health issue, they offer support individually tailored to suit your condition/circumstances.
They aim to remove any barriers you may have in moving forward into work, for example with training, getting a CV updated, and specialist support/advice via the Work Coach and/or partner agencies. Staff will also discuss/advise how and where to look for work.

We see people coming into the Jobcentre who are in receipt of a wide range of benefits, for example, Income Support, Employment Support Allowance and Jobseekers Allowance. For a lot of people Universal Credit has replaced these benefits and ultimately there will be supported transition from these benefits for existing customers.

Universal Credit is paid monthly but some people still need a little help understanding the new format. New benefit claims are made online but there is also support available for anyone who is unable to use this service.

In addition if you need help to pay bills or cover other costs whilst waiting for your first Universal Credit payment, you can apply to get an advance payment. See www.gov.uk for more information and advice on claiming Universal Credit.

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