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The Goole Youth Hub supporting children during Covid-19

Over the last few months schools may have been shut for many children, but there have still been many projects children can get involved in to ensure they are learning.

Goole Youth Action is a charity which promotes positive activities for young people in Goole and organisations supporting young people come together to plan.

New Life Support and Revive Church are right at the heart of this collaboration. In Goole the partnership aims to put young people at the centre of planning, organising and leading the way for their peers.

Goole Youth Hub is a project run by New Life Support. Our Goole chatted to volunteer Liz Green to find out more about what the team has been up to.

Liz told Our Goole: “The aim of New Life Support is to improve the lives of young people across Hull and East Yorkshire. Resources are targeted at young people aged 11–25. The charity runs alongside the vision of Revive Church and our Goole youth workers are usually based in our popular Goole Youth Hub at Revive Goole, Mariners Street. “Our coordinator Steve Green is an experienced youth work professional having led work in Hull and East Yorkshire for over 25 years, he can still win at pool and table tennis! All our youth workers receive regular training, are DBS checked and will always be wearing their ID badge.

“In Goole the focus for the summer has moved to our youth workers going out and about into the town, rather than the young people piling into our building for pool, table tennis, Xbox, karaoke, positive activities, food and holistic support.

“Detached youth work involves making voluntary contact with young people and positively influencing their lives by engaging them in informal social education, which is fun, exciting and challenging. Due to Covid–19 we have done some new training to take our youth support and encouragement out on to the streets and parks in Goole for the foreseeable future.

“Conversation will include introductions, listening, encouraging and sign-posting young people to information, advice and other opportunities they can engage in. This gives the team a great opportunity to hear what type of activities, community opportunities, learning and support young people would like to see in the town over the next few weeks, months and years.

“As a faith-based project our workers will talk and pray with young people about their lives as the conversation arises. We use the Revive Church building and many of our youth workers are Christians. We get to know young people, their interests and unique talents and find the young people of Goole have great ideas, thoughts and questions about the world they live in. As we chat during a game or whilst eating pizza the learning and encouragement flows both ways.

“Holiday hunger during school holidays has been in the news a lot, we are planning on making some lunches together in July and August, more information to come. Food-based activities are popular in the youth club, including smoothies, toasted sandwiches, pitta bread pizzas.

“Over the years we have seen young people who have attended youth work become volunteers and employed by New Life support. This brings enthusiasm and fresh ideas into the work”.
We are looking forward to some exciting times working together.

For more information and how you can get involved, please email support@revivechurch.co.uk or visit ‘Goole Youth Hub’ on Facebook.

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