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This month we focus on Goole & District RSPCA

Goole and District RSPCA is run by a team of dedicated volunteers and fosterers who, along with fundraising and essential home checks, even find time to foster cats in their own homes.

The branch raises most of its own funds through various events throughout the year, including the annual fun Dog Show at West Park.
Every penny raised goes towards helping animals in the Goole and District area, and on raising awareness of responsible pet ownership. Just some of the services provided are: welfare assistance; dog, cat and rabbit ‘action days’ [to support penny-pinched pets and their owners]; regular ID chipping clinics; and discounted neutering campaigns.
The branch is dedicated to helping all sick, injured and desperate cases. Even feral cats are trapped, chipped, and neutered by the branch, before being returned to the wild – suitable outbuildings are found if they cannot be put back where they are originally found. Orphaned kittens are cared for and fed round-the-clock, by tireless, experienced fosterers.

How the branch lent a hand in 2015:
•  136 cats taken into care with voluntary fosterers
•  116 cats re-homed
•  1 rabbit re-homed
•  109 home visits carried out
•  340 animals chipped
•  231 animals neutered
•  327 given welfare assistance

Georgina Petty, press officer and volunteer for Goole RSPCA said: “Last year was very busy. Our first ever Charity Ball was a great success, a highlight for many. Our annual Dog Show, celebrating its tenth year last year, was a barking mad success. The vet bills however, have risen dramatically as the calls from both the public and RSPCA inspectorate increased.
It was an honour to be the Mayor of Goole’s ‘Charity of the Year’, but with such a title comes responsibility, so 2016 means the branch are aiming to reach even more animals and owners in need”.

One-year-old Narnia is a magical cat, full of fun and mischief but at the same very loving and responsive.
She had kittens in care whilst barely more than a kitten herself, and now they have all been re-homed she is enjoying making up for lost time playing with toys, chasing anything that moves – whether it is a feather teaser-toy or a stray piece of paper.
Very knowing and inquisitive, Narnia will enjoy ‘grooming’ your hair, pushing her head against your face, and sitting next to you and purring loudly for a chin rub.

Pretty one-year-old Martha, having successfully reared her kitten (since adopted), is now looking for a permanent home where she can be number one.
A gentle, friendly and affectionate cat, Martha loves to have her head and back stroked. She will roll over to have her tummy rubbed and will reward you with a ready purr. She will enjoy sitting on or next to you, and plays with a variety of toys – especially a soft blue rubber ball, which she carries around and ‘talks’ to!
Martha will make a lovely family pet and be fine with children.

To adopt from Goole RSPCA you will need a home visit before viewing, to match the perfect cat with the right forever home. A volunteer home visitor will guide you through a simple questionnaire, the whole process taking no more than half an hour. You will then be contacted within 48hrs and, if successful, you are then invited to view the cats in their foster homes.

Adoption fees are £65 for a kitten, £50 for an adult (over 6 months of age). This fee includes ID chip, vaccinations (including leukemia), neutering and up-to-date flea and worm treatment. All cats/kittens are health checked before entering into foster care. For more information contact: 07599 087527.

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