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‘Tis the season to be hospitable

The hospitality industry is a consistently popular, vibrant and fast-paced environment, and with Christmas looming at this time of year, there are many employment opportunities available.

If hospitality is something you are considering, then here are eight reasons why working in this industry could provide you with genuine job satisfaction:

Make someone’s day
Whether it’s working behind the scenes or front of house you’re making someone’s day a little better. First and foremost, hospitality is about people and making them happy.

Be creative
Whether it’s food, drink or a particular experience, there are always new ways of making your customers’ visit more enjoyable.

Open a door to the world
Every country has a hospitality industry and your skills will readily transfer from one to another. If you have a yearning to work abroad, the hospitality industry might be a good place to begin your journey.

Don’t get stuck in a rut
There is such scope within hospitality that you can move roles but still stay well within the industry that you know and love.

Take on responsibility
If a senior position is your target, then hospitality can offer plenty of opportunities to climb the career ladder. All the usual things apply – get your qualifications, work hard, show initiative, get on with colleagues and customers and you’ll soon put yourself in a strong position to reach your goals.

Don’t fancy a 9-5?
If the traditional 9-5 is not for you, then hospitality can give you the working variety you need. We all have different lives, responsibilities and commitments, and in hospitality you can often find the hours to suit your requirements.

Great atmosphere
Working in hospitality means working with friendly, like-minded people who are fun to be around. It’s an industry that offers a unique working environment, and as it is public facing it offers a sociable and dynamic working life.

There’s always a job
People will always need food, drink and somewhere to sleep. Even in difficult economic times, the hospitality industry is always relatively secure.
Between now and 2020, 660,000 employees will be required to support the hospitality industry, so what are you waiting for?

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