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Trial bike stolen in Goole garage burglary

Police are appealing for witnesses following a garage burglary on Oak Avenue, Goole between 2am and 2.30am on Wednesday, March 9.
An unknown offender forced entry into the garage before stealing a red Honda trial bike.
Anyone who witnessed the theft or knows the whereabouts of the stolen trial bike should call 101 quoting crime reference 2173963 or Crimestoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.

Police are encouraging homeowners to secure their outdoor properties – below are the top five tips to prevent shed and garage burglaries:
1. Make sure that sheds and garages have good quality locks and hinges.
2. Consider fitting deterrents in the garden like movement sensitive floodlights, as these will leave thieves feeling exposed. Likewise alarms on sheds and garages will deter thieves as they would not want to be spotted in outbuildings taking property.
3. Garden tools, DIY equipment and leisure items such as fishing and golf equipment should be locked away in storage cupboards within outbuildings to form a second line of defence to thieves.
4. Motorbike and pedal cycles should also be locked even when they are in a shed or garage.
5. To assist the police in recovering and returning stolen property, people should register valuables onto www.Immobilise.com. Cycles, golf and fishing equipment and tools can be easily added onto the property register and then this assists the force in identifying property as stolen/lost, bring offenders to justice and stop the items being sold via second hand stores. The system can also allow owners to upload pictures of unique items.

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