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Upgraded floodlights at Goole Tennis Centre, thanks to award of Commuted Sums

Goole Tennis Centre have completed the Floodlight Works on their artificial grass courts, using the £15,335.94 awarded by from East Riding of Yorkshire Council as part of Commuted Sums from local housing developments.

The works have seen an upgrade of the floodlights to LED lights on the artificial grass courts and replacement of coin meters for access into the outdoor courts.

This will ensure the club can now offer ‘pay as you play’ tennis to both members and non-members, which has allowed residents to restart playing tennis in line with the government’s guidelines. The new lights will also require much less maintenance than previously required which will save costs.

Steve Turnbull received a plaque from the Commuted Sums Team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council to commemorate the funding award.

Steve Turnbull, Head Coach and Centre Manager at Goole Tennis Club said: “The previous floodlights were having to be replaced every two to three years and were costing a lot in maintenance. These new LED floodlights are much cheaper to run with minimal maintenance. They also provide a better quality of light, meaning that Goole Tennis Centre can now schedule and run coaching and competitions for the artificial grass courts on darker nights.”

Councillor Gary McMaster, portfolio holder for planning, infrastructure, and housing, added: “I am delighted that Commuted Sums provided by local housing developments as a condition of their planning approval have facilitated these vital improvements at Goole Tennis Centre, and I wish them the very best for the future.”

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